Key Features


SmartLab is completely free to use (licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 license).


Multiplatform (Soon!)

SmartLab is designed with portability in mind. All of the technologies and third-party libraries it uses are cross-platform. For now, there is the demo version only for Windows, but it’s on our road-map to support SmartLab for Windows, Linux, and Mac.


Automatic Updates

Our vision is that software should be easy to use just like websites. Users are able just to start SmartLab and it will update itself, so you will always have up-to-date, current, version of our software (something that is standard for mobile apps and games for years). Automatic desktop application updater is a separate project which we open sourced.


Interactive Visualisation

SmartLab uses the amazing plotly.js charting library and offers modern interactive charts and plots. Try now plot, stem, imhist, surf and contour plots. With more soon to come.


Extensible Platform (Soon!)

We can not make every algorithm you need. That’s why we envisioned an integrated market where you are free to share, or distribute for a fee, the code you’ve developed, trained neural networks or data-sets.